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....published early in the start-up's life now available via Bookshop blog site:

How-to setup a market stall according to Retrorocket

At the time this article was written Retrorocket was primarily an online business selling second-hand books and collectables. Although we now have a shopfront, when we began, markets helped us promote the business with customers face to face and taught us about displays and real-world pricing.

Bearing in mind every market and business is different: here is a how-to on setting up a market stall according to Retrorocket!

The Pareto Principle and task management

Retrorocket online vs. bricks and mortar

These articles by Retrorocket were published at The Bookshop Blog; an excellent resource for bookshop operators and other booklovers.

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New Queer Cinema film log (Murdoch uni 2003)