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Ars Magica

all in stock (see listings online)

Ars Magica 4th edition (Trident Publishing / Atlas Games)
AG0204 Ars Magica sourcebook – the Art of Magic Fourth Edition

Mythic Perspectives Autumn 1999 No. 09 (an Ars Magica magazine)
Mythic Perspectives Summer 2000 No. 10 (an Ars Magica magazine)

AG263 Ordo Nobilis (Mythic Europe’s Nobility)
AG265 The Mysteries 2000 AG 265
AG255 Kabbalah: Mythic Judaism
AG252 Hedge Magic
AG257 Festival of the Damned Anniversary edition
AG212 Living Lore supplement

# Parma Fabula Ars Magica Story Guide screen
AG271 Faerie Stories
AG260 The Dragon and The Bear – The Novgorod Tribunal
AG262 Heirs to Merlin – The Stonehenge Tribunal

AG258 The Wizard’s Grimoire Revised Edition 1998 Atlas Games for 4th ed. some corner wear
AG256 Return of the Stormrider
AG259 The Mythic Seas
AG269 Blood and Sand – The Levant Tribunal
AG254 A Medieval Tapestry
AG267 Sanctuary of Ice – The Greater Alps Tribunal
AG253 The Fallen Angel
AG275 Calebais – The Broken Covenant

Ars Magica 3rd edition (White Wolf / Wizards of the Coast)

WOC1500 Medieval handbook – A Guide to the Realms of Medieval Europe copy 2

WW0500 A Midsummer Night’s Dream (A Saga of Faerie Treachery)
WW0502 A Winter’s Tale – An Ars Magica Saga
WW0503 Twelfth Night – Domus Discordia
WW0600 Mythic Europe (Terra Fabula) – The Definitive European Sourcebook
WW0660 The Wizard’s Grimoire The Book of High Wizardry (3rd ed.) White Wolf 1993
WWO750 The Tribunals of Hermes: Iberia
WW0751 Tribunal of Hermes: Rome
WW1016 Mythic Places (Carl Schnurr)
WOC1110 Faeries, Revised Ed. (2nd ed. / 3rd ed.)
WW1120 Houses of Hermes
WOC1500 Medieval handbook – A Guide to the Realms of Medieval Europe

AG3020 The Sorcerers Slave

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Breakout Australasian Gamers Quarterly

Breakout mags now added to online shop in RPGS - other


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Cyberpunk / Cyberpunk 2020

Cyberpunk in stock
Corporation Report 2020 Vol.1 [CP3111]
Corporation Report 2020 Vol.2 1992 [CP3151]

Chrome supplement vol.1 1991 CP3701
Cyberpunk Near Orbit Space supplement [CP3301]]
Cyberpunk Data Screen CP 3801 (1990) included: When the Chips are Down Cyberpunk 2020 Scenario (Melbourne 2020)
Media Front - a documents of the revolution SB for CyberGeneration

R. Talsorian - other

Eco Front CyberGeneration sourcebook good to very good only $28. Cyberpunk 2020 R. Talsorian Games
Neo Tribes 4 copies One in orig. plastic. All EX to VG copy 1 (best) $25  Copies 2 to 4 $22.

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Fading Suns

Fading Suns first and second editions, Holistic Games (all now sold).

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Shadowrun rpg

Shadowrun now in online shop R. Talsorian Games FASA Corporation

SHADOWRUN first and second edition


Grimoire FASA7106 Shadowrun rpg 1st ed
Mercurial in concert FASA7302 Shadowrun 1st ed
Total Eclipse FASA7308 Shadowrun 1st ed
Imago FASA7309 Shadowrun 1st ed 

Street Samurai Catalog FASA7104 Shadowrun 1st ed
Dark Angel FASA7313 Shadowrun 2nd ed
Double Exposure FASA7319  Shadowrun 2nd ed
Mob War! FASA 7326 Shadowrun 2nd ed
Sprawl Maps FASA7401  Shadowrun 2nd ed
Paradise Lost FASA7317 Shadowrun 2nd ed
Celtic Double Cross FASA7315 Shadowrun 2nd ed

FASA - other

Iytean Menace Doctor Who RPG FASA9201
City of Gold Doctor Who RPG FASA9206
FASA8007 Crimson Skies - Pride of the Republic

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most NM in ex-shop shrink wrap - may have ex-shop sticker e.g. Valhalla

MK1002 Mekton II  - SF Roleplaying and Mecha combat in the far future Mekton
MK1003 Mekton Zeta sourcebook
MK1101 Mekton Wars 1: Invasion Terra  2 copies Mekton Wars battlebook #1
MK1211 Mekton  (shrink wrap almost off)
MK1301 Mekton Empire  Science fiction adventure in a distant universe (for) Mekton Zeta Mekton Plus
MK 1402 Advanced Technical Manual (some corner wear when shrink opened)
MK1501 Operation: Rimfire (for) Mekton Zeta - Starblade Battalion
MK 1801 Mekton Mecha Manual 2: the invasion Terra Files

Rolemaster (I.C.E.)

- in progress

I.C.E. - other

- in progress

Grey Worlds mag 1993 ICE
 Champions (I.C.E.) 403 Classic Enemies Enemies SB [VG / G]
Champions New Millenium copy 2

Star*Drive / Dark Matter / Alternity rpg

- d20 modern / TSR - designed for use with Alternity rpg extra info - http://www.alternityrpg.net/
StarDrive various (all in ex-shop shrink wrap may have ex-shop sticker e.g. Valhalla - c.1998 - 2000)

Dark Matter the Killing Jar adventure, Bruce R Cordell WOC / Alternity 2000 SW VG $20 for Dark Matter / Alternity rpgs

TSR2802 Alternity - Stardrive Campaign setting -  (1998) shrink wrap is almost off. Hardcover [NM]
TSR2813  The Last Warhulk [NM] - Adventure
TSR11328  Planet of Darkness [NM] - Adventure
TSR11364 KlickClack [NM] - Adventure
TSR11620 System Guide to AEGIS [NM] (Accessory)
TSR02815 Threats from Beyond [NM] (Accessory)

Alternity - Incident at Exile fast-play game NM to VG SW TSR 1999 , William W Connors $26


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Twilight: 2000

Twilight: 2000 now added to online shop Game Designers Workshop
most NM / SW. May have small ex-shop sticker inside e.g. Valhalla. Max price to post 1 is $5 may be able to post 2 for $5 depending on weight. Any unused post refunded.

511 Free City of Krakow GDW 1985 (2 copies)
518 Kidnapped GDW 1988 (2 copies)
520 Last sub #2 mod - Mediterranean Cruise GDW 1988 (SW NM)
521 Last sub #3 mod. - Boomer GDW 1989
523 Return to Warsaw GDW 1989 (G to VG)
526 NATO vehicle guide GDW 1989 (2 copies)
527 White Eagle GDW 1989 (SW / NM)

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RPGS other

Babylon Project GM resource kit 1998

Battlelords Guide to Pain
Uncle Ernie's Minions of Doom - The Battlelords Guide to Pain (SW / NM )
Condemned - the Battlelord's guide to the Damned Optimus Design Systems (ODS) 1994 VG $34

Bloodshadows rpg Mean Streets for  Bloodshadows1994 SW open G to VG includes GM screen $24

Chill RPG
Chill Companion [hc NM SW] ( Mayfair Games 1991) $28
The Beast within sup. for Chill rpg Mayfair games $18 Good to very good only

(Dreampod9) Jovian Chronicles  Lightning Strike source [book only - price tba] and Call to Arms sup.2 first ed

Heaven and Earth Players' Guide Guardians of Order 2001 NM SW $28
Hunter the reckoning Storytellers companion and screen NM

Kryomek - 25mm SF Skirmish Combat System Fantasy Forge Publications - Scottish rpg [EX/VG - back pages ripple due to all the cards / resources]
KULT Taroticum (Adventures for Kult) #5004 good to very good condition

Legions of Steel Scenario pack
Lost Souls 2nd ed Dec 1992 by Sage Lore Productions SL? 2002 $25 (later editions were published by Marquee Press)
Leviathan - Post-apocalyptic Fantasy Battle System - Grendel Productions 1995 Stock#5801 - book only

Mecha! Spirit Warrior Empire (an expansion for Mecha!) Seventh Street Games 1991 G to VG $35
Mystic Warriors: A d20 Sourcebook (Mystic Eye Games) MYG0004
Mutazoids 2e WPI 2001[EX/VG]

Paranoia rpg - Gamma-lot supplement   SW Vg / near mint

Fez II - The Contract Role Aids 1983 Mayfair Games SW G to VG $28
Fantastic Treasures II - M to Z - (Role Aids 1985 Allen Hammack) SW G to VG $30
Runedice book Flying Buffalo 1993 NM SW but *no dice* $20


Starfleet Command X-Ships Captains module P2
Star Fleet Battles - Captains Log #12 - 3 copies
Stargrunt II SF Combat Rules Ground Zero Games 1996 SW $32 some punched, rest unpunched.
Star Trek Next Gen. rpg The First Line - Starfleet Intelligence hb

Return of the Ravagers Adventure for Superbabes (The Femforce Role-Playing Game) Tri-city Games 1995 $70 SW EX to VG

Tactica Medieval Rulebook Quantum printing 1992 Sw VG to EX $32

Traveller RPG Marooned on Ghostring SF adventure (Judges Guild approx 1981) NM in shrinkwrap

Tunnels and Trolls
Tunnels and Trolls rulebook V5.5
first ed TnT Arena of Khazan solo adventure 12
Deathtrap Equalizer solo adventure 2 tnt

Warhammer - Ravening Hordes good to fair condition $15
Warzone - Fast and Furious Miniatures battle game [Mutant Chronicles] 1997 Target Games First ed. #9401
Weird War II Afrika Korpse SW NM d20 Pinnacle Ent. 13004 $25
Weird War II Land of the Rising Dead SW NM d20 Pinnacle Ent. 13006 $25

Wheel of Time, The rpg (WotC) - Prophecies of the Dragon [EX / NM]

Mags - RPGs other

Europa mag - Battle for Kiev
Different Worlds mag 1984
Challenge magazine Issue 31 (1987) (Traveller, MegaTraveller, Twilight: 2000, 2300 AD) NM $15. GDW
Amazing Stories mag vol. 66 No.10 Feb 1992 TSR  SW VG to NM  $20
JagdPanther (final) Issue 15 (October 1976). published as Battlefield magazine - Jacksonville: The Beaches of Doom NM to VG SW $40.
NEW PIC Forwao's Chronicle of Realms Wair-Rae Unae Book One Australian Realms 1996 $33 spine creasing as shown G only imo.



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Dungeons and Dragons / Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Updating see:
ADnD and DnD / D20
TSR2113 Complete Priests HB [contacted / cover damage VG/G]
TSR2127 PHBR8 Complete Bards HB [contacted - previous owners book plate - VG]
TSR9470 Lankhmar - Cutthroats of Lankmar [EX]

D20 / D&D
Monster Manual Core rulebook III

Ravenloft Sword and Sorcery Gazeteers I to V

TSR - other
Dragonlance DL1 Dragons of Despair
Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs TSR2439  *no map*
MC09 ADnD 2e Spelljammer Appendix Monstrous Compendium  (SW / NM)
Forgotten Realms - Volos Guide to the North
TSR9439 Ravenloft - Adams Wrath (SW / NM)  (1copy avail. copy 1 VG)

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