RPG magazines, periodicals etc.

Shipping in this sub-cat is $8 per item adjusted down via refund if less.

RPG related magazines and other publications, includes in-world publications except Ars Magica.


Europa mag - Battle for Kiev
Challenge magazine Issue 31 (1987) (Traveller, MegaTraveller, Twilight: 2000, 2300 AD) NM $15. GDW
Amazing Stories mag vol. 66 No.10 Feb 1992 TSR  SW VG to NM  $20
JagdPanther (final) Issue 15 (October 1976). published as Battlefield magazine - Jacksonville: The Beaches of Doom NM to VG SW $40.
Forwao's Chronicle of Realms Wair-Rae Unae Book One Australian Realms 1996 $28.50 spine creasing as shown G only imo.

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