Swords and Glory books 1 and 2 Tekumel The World of The Petal Throne


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DWP-1101 and DWP-1102 Swords & Glory vol. 1, Tekumel source books 1 and 2 (of 3). Professor M.A.R. Barker

The World of The Petal Throne / Empire of the Petal Throne Supplements.  Different Worlds 1987 / 1988. 

Tekumel source books. May be used with Empire of the Petal Throne

Book 1:

[0.100] Introduction

[1.100] Astronomical Data

[1.200] Early history

[1.300] The Historical Empires

[1.400] Physical Ethnology

[1.500] Family, Lineage and Clan

Book 2:

[1.600] Religion and Magic

[1.700] Social Groups and Institutions

[1.800] Organizational Structures

Book 1 G to VG in ex-shop Shrink., Book 2 G only,  rubbing to cover, corner wear.



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